Potential Travellers Site near Village

Did you recently receive a flyer through you door from the Parish Council regarding potential Gypsy and Traveller Site at Highcroft Farm?

If wish to make a comment (objection or agreement) to can post your comment on line.


It is not an easy web site to navigate and to try to make it easier for you here is a simple list of instructions.....


what you must do is:
  • go to the web address on the flyer
  • click on the top item on the list (Gypsy consultation etc….)
  • when the new page opens, click on the link 'Read and comment on document'
  • You can troll through all the documents if you wish, but I would recommend just clicking on item 3 on the LH menu (Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Potential Sites)
  • Nearly there!
  • click the 'add comments' tab immediately above the yellow band
  • unfortunately you now have to login or create an account before you can add comments!
  • when you have eventually logged in, add your comments to the form. Don't forget to mention the location of the site by name, or preferably the ref no. BRO008

The consultation portal is a little tortuous, but persevere if you really feel strongly for or against the proposal.

As some background information you may wish to download the 'Designing Gypsy and Traveller Sites Good Practice Guide' Government document available on www.gov.uk. Just enter 'Gypsy and Travellers good practice guide' in their search box and follow the links.

Additional information