H.M.S. Pytchley

H.M.S. Pytchley L92 a Hunt class destroyer, built by Scotts of Greenock. The keel was laid in 1939 and she was launched 13thFebruary 1940

One of her most prominent roles was during her First Commission when she took part in the D-Day landings at Normandy on 6 June 1944. Operation Overlord had a huge Naval contingent that included two Battleships, 2 Monitors, 23 Cruisers, 105 Destroyers and over 1070 other warships (including Minesweepers and Anti Submarine Frigates). In addition, some 2,700 Merchant ships and 2,500 Landing craft took part. She was part of Task Force G, which comprised: HMS Ajax , HMS Orion, HMS Argonaut, HMS Emerald, HNMS Flores (Dutch), HMS Grenville, HMS Ursa, HMS Ulster, HMS Undaunted, HMS Urchin, HMS Jervis, HMS Undine, HMS Urania, HMS Ulysses, HMS Cattistock, HMS Cottesmore, ORP Krakowiak (Polish).

She was broken up at Llanelly in December 1956

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