The Overstone Arms Pytchley

Village Feature - The Overstone Arms

Occasionally we feature a particular aspect of village life, and we thought it was about time that an article

on the pub was published. This is particularly relevant because just over a year ago there was a change of management bringing in a fresh approach to running of the Overstone Arms.

Tony and Sue moved in before Christmas 2010 and immediately went to work sprucing the place up. A new paint scheme and new pictures on the walls resulted in a brighter and more modern look. Since then, they have introduced various activities and events - the Royal Wedding event is an example. It appears that they both want to involve themselves in village life and are really trying to get known. They have re-opened the walled garden - a lovely secluded area for sitting out on a summers day with friends and they have introduced a series of 'themed' evenings - usually featuring foods from around the globe - which prove to be very popular. Their chef, Russell, has a real flair for cooking and has brought some really exciting menus to the 'Arms'. 

They even have their own website with loads of info about themselves and the facilities - click here: Overstone Arms, Pytchley to go directly to it

The great result of all this is that there appear to be more villagers eating in the restaurant, proving that their efforts are being rewarded. I think you will all agree that the pub is one of the elements that makes a village, and it will be really great to see it regain its strength within the community.


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